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EU Concerns about the Human Rights situation in China (29/01/2016)


While we note the release of Mr. Peter Dahlin, the European Union and its Member States continue to be worried about the ongoing detention of human rights lawyers and activists who have worked peacefully to protect rights guaranteed under the Chinese Constitution and Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This was the subject of EU statements on 16 July and 22 October 2015. China should ensure full transparency and respect due process, in line with the recommendations it received in December 2015 from the UN Committee against Torture. Detained individuals should also be allowed access to legal counsel and visits from their relatives.

We are also extremely concerned about the continued detention by the Chinese authorities of a number of EU nationals, and on 7 January 2016 published a statement on the disappearance of individuals associated with the Mighty Current publishing house in Hong Kong. The EU urges the Chinese authorities to clarify their status and whereabouts.

These cases are part of a worrying trend and call into question China's respect for the rule of law and for its international human rights obligations, not least freedom of speech.

The European Union expects that the Chinese authorities will observe their international human rights commitments and ensure fair and transparent legal proceedings. The public broadcasting of so-called "confessions" by Chinese and EU citizens is unacceptable.

欧盟对中国的人权状况表示担忧 (29/01/2016)

欧盟及其成员国注意到彼得·达林得到释放,但部分人权律师和活动者在 《中华人民共和国宪法》和《世界人权宣言》的保护下和平地开展维权工作,却被拘留至今,欧盟对此表示持续担忧。2015年10月22日欧盟就此问题发表声 明。中国应按照联合国禁止酷刑委员会所提出的建议,确保充分的透明度,遵循正当程序,保障被拘留人士获得法律咨询和亲人探访的权利。





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