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From June 8 to June 10, the Embassies of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania offered the Beijing audience a celebration of contemporary Baltic cinema.

Made up of three beautiful, rich
, and diverse countries – Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia – the Baltic region is known not only for its beautiful lakes, quaint cottages, amber beaches, medieval architecture, ridiculous last names, and midsummer flower crowns. Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia also feature diverse film industries that try to interpret, reflect, and communicate the multifaceted character of the society, culture, and history of the Baltics.
For the first time in Beijing, the Baltic Film Summer event invited Beijing audiences to discover the passion and humour of the Baltics through the magic of drama, documentary, short films and animation.
Monday, June 8
18.10  The Pizzas (Picas, Latvia 2014, 66 min)
Director: Laila Pakalniņa
Starring: Pauls Iklāvs, Reinis Stabiņš
People do strange things and call them “Pizzas”. Oskars, who is almost 18 years old, and Matiss, who is already 18, work as pizza bakers. It’s a temporary job for them. They have great plans for their future – for example to study at Oxford. But in one evening they turn their lives upside down. It is almost certain that they will both be proven guilty of kidnapping a child...
19.20  Risttuules (In the Crosswind, Estonia 2014, 1h30min)
                Director: Martti Helde
                Starring: Einar, Hillep, Ingrid Isotamm
Snowfall in a birch grove, a woman toying with the ribbon of her dress, and wild apple blossoms radiant in the sunlight. The beautiful imagery belies a sinister history in which tens of thousands of Estonians, Latvians, and Lithuanians were forcibly removed from their homes, separated from loved ones, starved, abused, many exterminated. In black and white tableaux vivants that are at once beautiful as they are tragic, and with passages from actual letters, audiences may begin to understand what happened.
Tuesday, June 9
18.10  Estonian Short Films (Estonia 2014, 45min)
                Directors: R. Unt, K. Holm,
Short films and animation “The Master”, “On the Other Side of the Woods”, and “Tik-Tak” present a colorful selection of the acclaimed, award winning, and innovative Estonian art of puppet animation.
19.10   The Other Dream Team (Lithuania 2012,1h30min, both EN and CN subs)
                Director: Marius Markevicius
Starring: S. Marciulionis, A. Sabonis, R. Kurtinaitis
Incredible story of the 1992 Lithuanian basketball team, whose athletes struggled under Soviet rule, became symbols of Lithuania's independence movement and - with help from the Grateful Dead - triumphed at the Barcelona Olympics.
Wednesday, June 10
18.00  Hong Kong Confidential aka AMAYA (Latvia 2010, 1h35min)
                Director: Maris Maartinsons
                Starring: K. Momoi, A. Mamontovas, Lau Dan
One week in one of the most exotic and picturesque cities of the world. The day of changes comes when Amaya meets a charming Englishman, Paul and it dramatically changes Amaya's perception of her cultural and personal identity
19.45  Pakeliui (When You Wake Up, Lithuania 2014, 1h35min, both EN and CN subs)
                Director: Ricardas Marcinkus
Starring: M. Ancevicius, M. Jankavicius,  J. Jurkute
A singer called Punk is no longer of much interest to anyone anymore. After yet another small town concert, Punk ends up spending the night backstage, drunk and alone. When he opens his eyes in the morning, he sees a little girl, who introduces herself as his daughter. Two lost souls set out on life-changing a trip together…


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