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Foreign Minister Kaljurand at the e-Governance Conference: Estonia contributes to the enhancement of international security in cyberspace


Foreign Minister Marina Kaljurand said today, speaking at the E-Governance Conference in Tallinn, that Estonia considers cyber security and the development of information and communication technologies and e-governance to be very important both when chairing the Council of Europe, as well as during the Presidency of the European Union. Estonia also participates as a core member of the international Freedom Online Coalition, whose aim is the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms on the Internet.

In her speech, the Foreign Minister called on nations to join the National Cyber Security Index presented by the E-Governance Academy. “In the interest of international and national cyber security, we must use every opportunity to raise nations’ cyber security capabilities. It is in the interests of both governments and people. The index is yet another of Estonia’s contributions to increase international security in cyberspace,” Kaljurand said.

Kaljurand also acknowledged the role of the E-Governance Academy in sharing Estonia’s e-experience. “The E-Governance Academy has carried out projects in more than fifty countries, including several of our development cooperation priority countries,” Kaljurand said. According to the Foreign Minister, Estonia's goal is to raise awareness of the role of ICT and e-governance in the European Union's development cooperation.

“The successful implementation of ICT solutions requires a legal framework and the readiness of governments to implement technologies. We must strive towards a situation where ICT is not only the domain of wealthier countries,” Kaljurand stressed.


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